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Walker Stalker Con

Halloween Weekend was a blast for us here at Hollywood of the South tours. It was so much fun cause we packed up the car and headed up to Atlanta for the Walker Stalker Con. Now I know your probably wondering why we went to a Walkind Dead con...right? First off if you arent aware Covington is also home to The Vampire Diaries! Covington is also known as Mystic Falls over in Vampire world...In fact thats how we got our start as a touring company for Movies and TV shows. First off we were Mystic Falls tours. At the Walker Stalker Con this year they also had our Vampire Diaries cast at the show. So we loaded up all our TVD goodies and took them to the con. Now something else you may not know. Covington had a portion of the first episode of The Walking dead filmed here too! I know I am blowing your mind right now...Dont worry we carry Walking Dead merchandise too. We had so much fun at the Walker Stalker Con selling our items and we had so many fans come by the table and ask us how they could get these items year round that we decided to add them to our online store here on the Hollywood of the South tours if you saw something at the con and you werent able to purchase it yet...we got you covered now! Check out the store on the website here and show till you drop!

Wanna shop locally come by our store on the Covington Square. On Location Gifts. For hours call 770-728-1669 Wanna book a Custom tour to the sets from tons of movies and tv shows? call us!

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