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In The Heat of the Night Reunion

So much fun having the cast of In the Heat of the Night back in town! I hope all the fans that wanted to be here were able to come on back to good ol' Sparta and meet the cast with the rest of us. You know I still remember the first time I meet Carol O'Conner and Alan Autry. Back in my middle school days the hignschool scenes on ITHN were filmed at my school. It wasnt anything at all for us to be at school and see the cast in the lunchroom or around the halls. Maybe thats why I got the filming bug and became a tour guide....Ive always loved that shows like this one which is now a classic choose our small town to be home. Welcome to "The Hollywood of the South" I hope you will come back often to see what new shows are filming here in town and to see what we have coming up around town. Maybe if you didnt make it to the Reheat of 2015 we will be able to pull it off again next year and you can join us for Re Heat 2016!

Now if you have no idea what I am talking about... Re heat is the name our awesome tourism dept. of Covington came up with when they decided to ask the cast to come on back to Covington and spend some time meeting the fans that still watch In the Heat of the Night on a daily basis. We were lucky enough to have many of the cast members come back and do a questions and answers panel in the rain...might I add with fans. Then they spent the rest of the day here signing autographs and providing meet and greets. Oh did I mention that all of this was free! While joining us here in town many of the tourists that came out for the weekend were able to watch the classic episodes on a big screen projector with other fans, shop for souvenirs and eat at the local small buisnesses here that even tried to offer up some Heat type menu items. It was a big success and brought many fans together that had meet online in Heat of the Night facebook groups. How neat is that? Are you a heat of the Night fan yourself? Call us we offer custom tours...and you can also pick up a brochure at our Visitor center for the walking map of these locations if your interested at going at your own pace. Hope to see you around town soon!

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