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Wondering who's hanging around in the Hollywood of the South this month? You have come to the right place! Hollywood of the South Tours wants to be your go to place for tours and INFORMATION! let us guide you to find your favorite stars by giving you the 411 here on this blog. Make sure you keep coming back...we plan to update often and maybe even catch some of this awesome filming while taking our Hollywood of the South Tour here in Covington Ga!

If you are already a fan of us over at Mystic Falls Tours then you of course know that Vampire Diaries and The Originals make their homes here...and January- late April is full on filming season for them! Its time for them to film the end of the seasons and get ready for that little 6-8 week break they will take in May and June so they can return head strong for the new seasons in late June, early July. If you are interested in seeing those shows film or booking a tour check out our other site,

Next Up is The Tupac Shakur biopic, All Eyez On Me (production code: AEOM) the coolest thing about this project is it will actually star a close friend of ours from Vampire Diaries, Kat Graham. I am totally excited to see her play Jada Pinket Smith as she brings this real life role to life on the big screen. Also starring some of the stars from The Walking Dead two Walking Dead cast members, Danai Gurira (Michonne) and Lauren Cohan (Maggie). Now Ill tell you a little secret this cast will kind of feel like a big happy TVD reunion because Lauren Cohen was also on Vampire Diaries. Lauren played Rose a few seasons ago. How crazy is that?

Star (production code: ULDMP) is a spinoff to Fox’s hit show Empire, Lee Daniels will also be working on Star so it is sure to be a big hit. Benjamin Bratt, Queen Latifah, and Nicholas Gonzalez will star as it focuses on the music scene in Atlanta. Hopefully this show will get a pick up and we will continue to see it filming in the Atlanta area over the next few months. Right now January and Febuaury seem to be a good time to try to find the Queen if you are fan. History lesson for this post: Queen Latifah also filmed her entire biopic "Bessie" here in Covington not to long ago.

More TV Hits filming in the Atlanta area and some in Covington. Sleepy Hollow recently were spotted in Covington filming the third season. Now that they have moved to Georgia we hope to see them all time here in the Hollywood of the South. Local connection for Sleepy Hollow: Our very own Nikki (Ian's S. from TVD's wife) is on Sleepy Hollow this season. Nikki is also the executive dir. of The Ian Somerhalder Foundation where Jess (thats me!) is in charge of Special events and Projects. Small world! That gives you an idea of how important filming is to Georgia now...the more things come full circle the more filming we will see here in Hollywood South! Top Secret Sleepy Hollow info, you want to hear it??? OMG I wish I could share it with bout I give you a hint....You will see a noticeable location on the show this season....thats all I can say but if you catch it and tweet me @vampirestalkers #SleepyHollowHint with the answer Ill send the first one to catch it a SH goodie from my store!

Devious Maids have returned and are in full swing in the Stone Mountain area. I currently had the pleasure of meeting Rosalyn Sanchez (Carmen Luna) shes one of the leading ladies from the hit show...which is one of my all time favs! If you are in the market for a new-fun-addicting show...Devious Maids cannot be beat PLUS its locally filmed in the South so thats another plus!

Right Before the Holidays we had Jennifer Aniston filming her war flick The Yellow Birds (Production Code: TYB) in Covington. I dont know if she will be back in the area here but I do hear shes still in the Atlanta area. (sorry guys no personal pic with her...YET)

Another Movie filming around Fayetteville is Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt’s Passengers (Production Code: PLASS) This movie is sure to be a hit with that line up...although if you are wanting to get s sight of Chris Pratt you better do it soon....rumor is they are almost done. On a side note I am wondering when Jennifer will buy a home in Atlanta, for the last several years it seems that the ATL. is her home with all the projects she has been filming here locally.

You know what I take back what I said about Chris Pratt being done could I forget he may be finishing "Passengers" but he is soon to start the next Marvel different set, same town. Joining him in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume II is Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, and Benicio Del Toro.


Miles Teller and Haley Bennett will come to town for Thank You For Your Service in February. Personal Side note: Miles Teller is super sweet, I meet him at a show one night...such a cutie too, I must say many a girls were jealous that night. I would add the picture but I think Ill save it for next time.

Febuary will be a busy month with stars like Ashley Judd and Bill Paxton for Life Briefly.

Fast and Furious movie, Fast 8, starts soon too....Please dont shoot me but I am wondering if this series will ever end? I loved the first few, loved Paul Walker RIP, but at some point havent we as fans seen enough cars going fast in movies? Guess not! Ladies get ready...I said Men, Hot Cars and Atlanta filming again!

The Divergent series, Ascendant will start soon...I know some total fan girls that are extremly excited for this movie to start shooting.

Coming soon to a theater near you: "Miracles in Heaven" starring Jennifer Garner and Queen Latifah. This movie actually used on store front, On Location GIfts on the Covington Square. They also filmed the majority of the movie in a friend of mines home. I cant wait to see this true story come to life on screen. If you want to see the trailor please head over to you tube. Its totally worth it! I will be going to the movies to see this one...and not cause they used my store, but because of the message. Cool Fact: we have set props from this movie in our store we will be displaying soon.

*Production Codes are what you will see on the signage leading up to a movie or tv set. Most signs are yellow with black writing but sometimes the production crew will try to slip you up and make them look different. Good Luck watching out for those filming sets. If you find one and get a cool picture let us know we would love to post it for you.

Next post: filming/set etiquette. If your planning to try to hang out around sets we will give you some much needed pointers.

Well thats it for now guys! I hope you come back often as we add to our blog here whats around town and who you need to look for if you go to dinner or out to play here in the Hollywood of the South. Wanna book a tour with us? Give me a call...I have tons of stories to tell and love telling them!


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